What Is The Difference Between Water Sandpaper And Dry Sandpaper?

- May 15, 2017-

Water sandpaper is also called water grinder sandpaper, waterproof sandpaper. As the name implies, it is the sandpaper that can bring mill.
The sand grains of water sandpaper are generally silicon carbide, and paper base is generally kraft. There are also relatively high-end, such as imported water sandpaper, its paper base many are latex paper. Latex paper is characterized by good flexibility, sand particles of the surface adhesion more strong, and thus sandpaper more durable, more evenly particles, polishing effect better.
The clearance between the sand grains of water sandpaper is smaller, the debris of the abrasive is also smaller, and the debris will flow with the water when used, so as to maintain the sharpness of the use of sandpaper surfaces. If you take the water sandpaper dry grinding, the product debris will adhere to the clearance of sand particles, the surface of sandpaper to lose the sharpness without grinding force. Thus not to achieve its use effect.
Dry sandpaper is also called dry abrasive sandpaper. Relative water sandpaper, dry sandpaper sand particles between the clearance of large, grinding out of the product debris is also larger, it in the use of the process due to large gaps, product debris will fall off, so it does not need to be used with water. Dry sandpaper sand grains are generally high-quality silicon carbide, paper base is generally used latex paper, so their flexibility is better, the use of the process of heat dissipation is also better, not easily caused by blocking phenomena.
Dry sandpaper is widely used in wood processing, precision tooling grinding, stone processing, synthetic materials processing and other industries and types of work, especially in the timber processing and mold grinding industry wider application.