The Structure Of Lapping Disc And Its Working Principle

- May 15, 2017-

Grinding disc, the formation of the structure of the main form of three parts, has a working layer, is the grinding disc processing work of the workpiece, while the transitional layer is composed of the binder and other materials, mainly to ensure that the work layer can be fully used, the work layer is fixed. And the substrate is also a part of Superhard abrasive, the main role is to support the surface of the work.
Working principle of grinding disc
The grinding disc comprises a platter, a buffer plate and a grinding piece; The top disc comprises a number of riveted elements, a top positioning plate, a roof, a bolt, a positioning plate and a nut; The utility model adopts the means of improving the bolt structure, firstly by using the bolt itself and the central hole of the roof to provide the level of accuracy, and then by the bolt below more than a angular fixing part and the lower positioning plate relative to the multi-angle fixed Kong Kahe for vertical accuracy, This provides a grinding disc with good fixed and rotational stability; In addition, the screw thread, the clamp part and the different diameter of the fixed part of the design, so that the bolt is not easy to loose, with internal components not easy to wear and the user is not due to grinding disc instability rotation caused by the advantages of acid hemp hand.
Characteristics and marking of superhard abrasive grinding discs
1, abrasive, superhard abrasive varieties of natural diamond and natural diamonds. There are a number of different grades.
2, granularity, grain size is mainly in accordance with the national standards, superhard abrasive of various sizes of the size needs to remain in a certain range.
3, the main role of the binder is to control ultra-hardness abrasive and abrasives can have the correct geometry, ultra hardness abrasive abrasives of the main four categories.
4, the concentration is ultra hardness abrasive abrasives has, mainly manifested in the unit volume of superhard abrasive content, the different concentrations of ultra-hardness abrasive abrasive content will also be different.