The Advantages Of Steel Cotton Are Widely Used.

- May 15, 2017-

Steel cotton may not be well understood, but its manufacturing products are around us, steel cotton is the production of brake pads (semi-metal formulations) indispensable in a raw material. The semi-metallic brake pads are dominated in the market and will not be eliminated in the next decade. Steel Cotton is also the "semi-metal formula" brake pad of the indispensable raw materials. Crushing steel cotton has been widely used in automobile, train, airplane brake pad manufacturing.
Steel Cotton replaces the original asbestos, because the asbestos contains carcinogenic ingredients that do not meet the environmental requirements. The quality of the brake pad in the use of steel cotton can reach a total of about 60%, at least will reach 30%. Products are automobiles, motorcycles, trains, airplanes and other sports machinery brake, clutch of the main raw materials, with stable performance, low wear rate, good thermal performance and so on. Its superiority has irreplaceable function in the similar product.