Non-Woven Nylon Fiber Abrasvie Buff Wheel

- Oct 16, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Natural Abrasive Type: Silicon Carbide

  • Function: Deburring , Derusting, Cleaning Surface

  • Hardness: From 2p to 16p

  • Central Hole Shape & Size: Customized as Request

  • Trademark: Lion King

  • Specification: customized as request

  • Application: Machinery

  • Particle Size: Abrasive

  • Color: Gray

  • Wheel Size: 6"X1" ( Diameter X Thickness)

  • Transport Package: Carton

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Non-woven Nylon fiber abrasvie buff wheel

Material: made of high-tenacity non-woven fiber and selected silicon carbide or white corundum abrasive grain with special glue.
white corundum - attain higher bright after polishing
silicon carbide -  stronger cutting force when polishing

Grit: #60 - #1000
Rigidity: 2P to 16P
Size: size can customized as your request.
Advantage & application : with strong cutting force, remove rust & rag from the surface of workpiece such as stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, alloy, etc. Flexible grinding avoid burning the workpiece, high efficiency, anti-blocking, long-life, average cord designing, fine surface finish .
Color: reddish brown , red, green, gray.


About Us

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