Material And Specification For Steel Cotton

- May 15, 2017-

Steel cotton is more and more market optimistic, steel quilt applied to many high-tech fields, is a number of industrial areas and the defense industry must be the key supporting materials, the required raw materials, what their material specifications industry standards:
The production of steel wool raw materials is steel cotton steel wire, its main chemical constituents for 0.08~0.15%C and 0.60%1.25%mn strength for 883~1030MPA, extending the value of ≥ 8%, diameter φ 30mm. It is made from Phi 6.5mm disk element cold drawn, finished product before after a intermediate heat treatment, and then by controlling the appropriate heat treatment parameters, in ensuring the mechanical properties of finished steel wire, and obtained the appropriate internal organization, this makes the steel wire in the processing of cotton, to ensure the continuity of steel, reduce the debris, generally the cotton rate can reach 80%%, at the same time cutting speed and the durability of the cutter close to the United States similar steel wire level, are in line with the requirements of the characteristics of steel wool processing technology, Physical quality basically reaches the level of similar products abroad.
Steel wire for the development of a successful, to fill a large gap in the country, which can replace imports, reduce the production costs of enterprises. At the same time, it provides a solid domestic raw material guarantee for the export of steel cotton and accelerates the development of steel cotton.