Development Of Grinding Wheel Technology

- May 15, 2017-

In general, grinding can be divided into ordinary grinding (VS<35M/S) according to the speed and height of the wheel. High speed Grinding (35M/S<VS<150M/S), highest grinding (VS>150M/S). According to the precision grinding, common grinding (machining precision 1PN-0.1PU, surface roughness RA0.3PM-0.3PU), Ultra precision grinding (processing precision <0.3, surface roughness RA>0.5PU). According to grinding, including ultra high speed grinding. Slow feed grinding. High speed grinding, high efficiency deep grinding, and abrasive belt grinding, fast-speed short-line grinding. High speed heavy load grinding.
High efficiency and high speed grinding. Ultra high speed grinding in the United States. Australia, Japan and Europe, some developed industrial countries are developing rapidly.
The study of high speed grinding and abrasives has been in our country for many years, some high speed grinding technology is just experiment. No experiment, technology is far from mature. In particular, the research of hypersonic grinding is seldom, in practice. The speed of the grinding wheel is usually in -45M/S-60M/S.
Ultra precise grinding is used both at home and abroad. Precision dressing, micro-grinding coupling abrasives for the industry of the micron-level grinding of the following deep cutting, in order to obtain the micron-level cutting depth grinding size accuracy. Fine abrasive grinding. The average diameter of abrasive grains of diamond grinding wheels for precise sharpening grinding of the eye can be small to 4PN. Laser grinding in Japan the man-made single crystal diamond is cut out a lot of good and high uniform micro-cutting blade. Precision grinding of rigid and brittle material coupling is very effective, The precision grinding of superhard material is mainly used for the coupling accuracy of hard-machining materials to reach 0.025PN. Japan developed electrolytic on-line dressing and ultra precise mirror grinding technology, making grinding wheels with ultra fine (or superfine powder) abrasive grinding is possible, which can achieve high precision of hard material. High efficiency, ultra precision grinding. The precision grinding technology of double-end surfaces for planar grinding, Chiga to be precise, excision all It is much taller than grinding. With a high degree of flatness. The electrolytic grinding stroke is also a new ultra-precision and nano-grinding technique.
With the development of grinding wheel technology, the grinding machine is also a large proportion of the machining tool. According to the survey data of the 1996 European Machine Tool show. 20% of the enterprises are recognized that grinding is their use of the most important processing technology, drilling accounted for 25% iron cut. 25% Drilling machine accounted for 25%. Turning accounted for 25%, other accounted for 8%. And grinder in the enterprise accounted for the proportion of machine tool 40%, we from 1949-1999, the development and production of general-purpose grinder more than 2000 more, special grinder has hundreds of species, The useful amount of grinder occupies the very important position of the metal grinder in the mechanical holding.